• Airline Catering

    The best partner of food & non food supply chain management. Various products can be delivered to requested locations.

    Huge stocks are avaliable with competitive and long term stable prices. We are focused on sustainable product and delivery quality.

  • Ship Supply

    Wide inventory of food products from all over the World can be provided just in time. Using single source supply to maximize efficiency and provide clients with the most cost-effective solutions.

    Ship requests lead us to shape our service by using our logistics power from all ports of Turkey. Ship supliers also derived advantage from our service to their warehouse locally.

  • Remote operations

    Able to consolidate deliveries to any remote location and to make raw material planning based on menu forecasts.

    International food and non food products available at any quantity with best prices.

    Best logistics options with minimum costs and ability to provide last mile logistics.

  • We serve professionally to below range of customers;

    International catering companies

    Airline catering companies

    Airline companies

    Defence contingents and peacekeeping forces

    Ship suppliers and cruise lines

    Wholesalers and retailers

    Humanitarian relief organizations

    Free Trade Zone companies

    Tax free establishments

    Tax free prices