About Pride

Our warehouse is located in Izmir Aegean Free Zone with a total of 1000 m2 area (400 m2 of the warehouse is cold & frozen storage).

With a storage capacity of over 550 pallets, food and non food products can be handled smoothly.

Warehouse operation is fully integrated with our ERP through our network. Furthermore, cold and frozen room temperatures (+5°C, -18°C & -40 °C) are monitored through our system.

By using our integrated system, we can easily check our whole stocks, take orders from customers, control whole operations and issue invoices and follow the status of all orders from anywhere in the world. Our IT infrastructure ensures that we provide a first class service to our customers.

Our customers can be granted log in privileges into our system place orders, check their dedicated stocks and follow the status of their orders.

We use our own trucks to make deliveries to our local customers and utilise our strong logistics partners for our Eurasia clients.

Pride provides the goods from the origin and is fully capable of making micro deliveries as per the clients’ request.

Pride is able to obtain foodstuff - especially meat products – directly from the origin countries with competitive prices. Through its logistics power, Pride can optimize its stock and transportation costs to satisfy the customer with the best service and prices.

Non food, frozen food and dry food products are expertly stocked in our warehouse handled as per customers’ expectations and palletized professionally by our experienced staff in the warehouse.

We are a bridge between largest range of products provided from their origins and customers’ expectations of retail delivery points. It is our expertise to arrange micro deliveries according to our clients requests.

We tailor-made our services to fit our valuable client’s needs and easily handle the goods, palletized and deliver them point to point.